FiFiLi – Find it, Fix it, Love it

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

The use of FIFLI has already provided savings of over 300k to LBTH since its release in 2013; it continues to provide efficiency by allowing service teams to specifically target hotspot areas as reported by the public.

Project Description

This simple concept enables residents and visitors to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to quickly and efficiently report issues to the council. Flytipping, graffiti, dangerous paving and more can be easily identified and sent to the council to be remedied by their teams of contractors.

FiFiLi avoids the common pitfallsand complexities of other issue reporting apps by allowing the user to simply send an image or video with a short description of the issue. GPS identifies the approximate location of the problem (which the user can override if necessary) and issues can even be reported anonymously. The Administrative application which receives all reports allows council officers and contractors to quickly identify the type of report and pass it to the relevant team to resolve, while keeping the end user informed by sharing progress updates directly to the mobile app.

Focusing on more than just faults around Tower Hamlets, FiFiLi also allows users to send feedback about their favourite places too, while also offering guidance and tips on issues such as recycling and notifications of road closures across the Borough.

Available for Android and iOS, the FiFiLi app has received awards for its simplicity and ease of use, and is regularly updated to ensure LBTH continue to stay at the forefront of innovation in this field, and saves the organisation over £120k per year.