Purpleforce – Document Management System

Mazuma GB Limited

Purpleforce is a service for conducting accounting services by post. Mazuma approached Byjama to develop a web application which could provide an electronic version of Purpleforce to allow tech savvy clients to use mobile and desktop computers to submit their documents for processing.

Project Description

Now in its 3rd year, our relationship with Mazuma goes from strength to strength!

The latest version of our solution includes invoicing and customer management features which permits Purpleforce users to create invoices directly from the application without the need for complex accounting software. The data generated by users is accumulated and presented in a compatible structure for Mazuma to then process on a monthly basis as part of their Purpleforce service.

Although initially based on an off the shelf solution with substantial modifications, the current version of this system is a 100% bespoke development, built from the ground up, to ensure future improvement ideas are easily included and deployed.

Being a web application, the app enjoys full cross platform support across iOS, Android and desktop technologies.