Starline – Fleet Management System

Starline Taxis

A flexible and scalable fleet management system that allows the business to meet its maintenance obligations with the minimum of fuss!

Project Description

Our work with Starline Taxis focussed on their growing need to manage their fleet of over 40 vehicles. Each vehicle had scheduled servicing and inspections to adhere to, as well as processing maintenance when reported by drivers. This aspect proved to be key to the design of the system, insofar that the daily checks performed by drivers could combine with in-vehicle tracking solutions to ensure that the servicing and maintenance schedules never went beyond their expected mileages.

The Driver App allows for daily driver inspections to be performed quickly and without fuss, keeping to local government regulations, and also gives drivers additional tools such as maintenance and guided accident reporting forms.

The inbuilt forms are loaded on demand, and are based on templates defined in the web based administration tool. Because of this design, modifications to the forms can be quickly made to suit the changing needs of the business and update in real time within the apps, remobing the need for new versions being published each time to the app stores.