Enterprise Solutions

Businesses are always developing new concepts, optimising department performance or provisioning new services.

Off the shelf software is often chosen for these scenarios because it is immediately available and generally viewed as a cheaper solution than walking the path to bespoke software. But often this decision means making compromises, and usually the software will do some of what you need but you will have to make changes to your processes and efficiencies to accommodate inadequacies.

Some businesses perceive bespoke software development as costly or long winded to deploy. The reality is that whilst the upfront cost may well be greater than selecting an off the shelf solution, a bespoke application will be built with flexibility and your business’s growth in mind, and will tick all the boxes that accomodate your existing processes without forcing change. This results in a long term saving to the organisation, too, and provides a route for tax benefits where it can be proven you are innovating where nothing currently exists.

Our people have a strong background in enterprise solution development, working with small in house development teams and alongside big corporates developing new concepts and ideas with them. That experience means we can work with you to ensure that your bespoke application meets your needs and those of your customers, and often include additional capabilities or features you didn’t even know you needed! Our experience embraces a wide range of technologies and we will always suggest a variety of solutions that are right for you. Mobile apps are great, and we often incorporate them into our solutions, but only when they’re needed and can gaurantee a time saving or provide the best user experience for the targeted scenario.

We review your concepts and requirements closely with you, and suggest improvements and refinements during the whole consultation and developement process to ensure the completed application will exceed your expectations.

Most importantly, there are no ongoing licensing fees or fees for individual licenses, and your business retains the all important Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the delivered solution. We may charge you for support and hosting of the solution going forward, but that is negotiated at a rate that suits your needs and infrastructure, and often works out far cheaper than you might think.

Ultimately, the solutions we deliver are built with you, for you. Take a look at the Our Work page to see some examples of how we have helped other businesses develop their own products and solutions.